Lizzy Cohen

Bustelo Cool

Cafe Bustelo is a celebrated bodega staple with iconic imagery. We wanted to promote their canned cold coffee drinks by reminding people the importance of a coffee break, while expressing the color and flair Cafe Bustelo and Cuba are known for.

Travel Posters

They would be placed in high traffic travel areas, like airports and subways, where people need to stop for a minute and take a coffee break.

Bustelo Cool and Lyft

The Bustelo Cool car would travel to different cities, where people would have the opportunity to order it on their Lyft app. The car would have fun Cuban music playing and free Bustlo Cools, which would let people chill out for a minute. 


Subway Car Takeover

Nobody likes their commute. With a subway car takeover, Cafe Bustelo can make a small part of the day better. Tap your phone against any of the ads to get a curated Cuban playlist directly on your phone. 



Copywriter: Renee Pogue