Lizzy Cohen


In this campaign, through the act of shaving, Harry’s will make every man feel like he can continually shape his face into his own unique, one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Every man is turned into an everyday masterpiece in Harry’s new shaving campaign.


We will use side by side subway ads of men and the art they inspired to communicate that men are making their face a masterpiece with Harry’s products, and therefore, we are making their face into a literal masterpiece.


To get the word out on the street, we will paint murals that feature the many faces of Everyday Masterpieces. 


We’ll follow regular men as their faces are turned into works of art by commissioned artists. Shot in the style of documentary, we’ll show how the right grooming tools helped the men to see an “everyday masterpiece” in the mirror. By interspersing personal interviews about the men’s various grooming styles and routines with pivotal moments like the first time they see the work of art they inspired, we’ll prove that the process of becoming an “everyday masterpiece”–although different for every man– is achievable for every man. 

Pop-Up Gallery

To launch the campaign, we will open a pop-up gallery that features all of the Everyday Masterpieces. Branded placards with information about the artwork and the Harry’s products used in it will be placed next to each everyday masterpiece. 


Coffee Table Book

To preserve the Every Man Masterpieces, Harry’s will publish an Every Man Masterpiece coffee table book that features both the men and the art they inspired.

Copywriter: Whitney Repole