Lizzy Cohen

Sur La Table

The kitchen is an overwhelming place. Sur La Table ends intimidation that comes with using complicated cookware and gets back to the roots of simple, straightforward cooking.

Logo refresh

Sur la Table’s current logo is a fancy, outdated script that can give off a snooty vibe.  We did a logo refresh to make the brand feel a little bit more down-to-earth and approachable.


Will run in magazines like Real Simple and in ambient settings, like upscale malls and high traffic areas. 

Digital Banners

They will appear on pages like Tasty, Food Network, but also on Yelp to encourage people to cook instead of order out.

Website Design

A website scale takes over their homepage and asks the user to rate their intimidation level. The language of the website will change based on their rating.  


Mobile Site Extension

An interactive in-store component will now be added to Sur La Table's mobile site. When the user chooses “help me find that thing” a barcode scanner will pop up and the user can scan the code to get more details - on their level.

Copywriter: Allie Haroutunian

Photography: Rachel Jeffs